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Daniel-Sidney Bechet at a concert of music by Sidney Bechet at the Théatre des Bouffes Parisiens at 4 Rue Monsigny, 75002 Paris by the Daniel-Sidney Bechet Quintet including Olivier Franc (Saxophone), Daniel-Sidney Bechet (Drums / Batterie), Jean-Baptiste Franc (piano), Benoit de Flamesnil (trombone), and Gilles Chevaucherie (Double Bass / Contrebasse). Daniel-Sidney Bechet is the son of Sidney Bechet and Jean Baptiste is the son of Olivier Franc who plays on the soprano saxophone that belonged to Sidney Bechet. Olivier Franc is regarded worldwide as being the best interpreter of Sidney Bechet's music. Sidney Bechet was born in New Orleans in 1897. He first performed as a clarinettist at the age of 15 with the Eagle Band and soon teamed up with Louis Armstrong. He travelled to London in 1919 and then to Paris where he then spent most of his life up until his death on his sixty second birthday in 1959. He is regarded as one of the pionniers of jazz, and was the first soloist to be recorded.  Duke Ellington considered him the greatest soloist and creator of jazz throughout the history of jazz. The Quintet have won many awards, and Jean-Baptiste Franc is also a regular piano player at Paris Boogie Speakeasy, the private jazz club founded by Yves Riquet in Paris. Sunday 23rd February 2014.

Sidney Bechet, la légende

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Daniel-Sidney Bechet, l’héritier

Découvrez Daniel-Sidney Bechet, fils prodigue de Sidney Bechet, auteur, compositeur, interprète, musicien aguerri avec une carrière de plusieurs décennies, à l’image de son père.


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